Friday, February 03, 2012


Note: This is a very personal post. I am posting this to calm myself down. Sorry I just need to vent. And if you think this is a crap. Then so be it.

I am not mad. I am not angry. And definitely, I am not jealous. Well, I know in myself that I am not lying this time about that jealousy issue. I am just sad. No more, no less.

I am sad because of the thought that the man that I knew while courting me is now changing. I know change is inevitable but, I can't help to feel this way. I told him about what I feel, I thought that he would clearly understand me, but he did not. He misunderstood me. And it made me feel anxious.

Since I'm listed in personal, I think posting this is not questionable. 


  1. HAH! where in the same place
    I told also what i felt to this guy
    and he said his goodbye to me..I dont completely
    understand this one..when he told me he like me then i told him i like him also, then he had to go! i officially hate changes

  2. Because of this I am having the thought that guys are more complicated when making decisions than us! Haha! :D

    1. Greetings, nice to meet you .... blogging .... visit my blog ...
      thank you

  3. Move on with life, it could be a blessing in disguise when this happens. He obviously was not the right one for you. Yes, it hurts but let it go. There is always more fish in the sea, and one day he may even regret his actions.

  4. As you said, change in inevitable. Mostly what we have to ask ourselves is: Can I change too? It's okay if you don't like all the changes that your man is going through; that's normal. We aren't going to like everything about change because there are always trade-offs. BUt what we can do is understand the good things we are getting. Sometimes it means letting go of that person we love, or sometimes it just means that we have to work harder to accept those changes. Much of accepting others is about accepting ourselves first. If we are afraid to change, we may fear changes in others.

    Good Luck sweetie.

  5. Thank you so much Mr. Matt.. You're really right that accepting is what I need if I don't want to give up.
    By this moment in time we're sailing smooth and steady, I am learning the 'changes' factor and I not having a very hard time.
    Maybe I just need to grow up a little more..