Monday, February 20, 2012


Reminiscing the moments that we're together..
Photo taken after our performance at the university theater,
I edited the photo in dedication for our 5th monthsary and for your birthday last October 31.

Photo taken outside your house during Sir B's birthday bash!

My graduation night.
We're not yet in a relationship when this photo is taken.
This night is one of the most horrible nights for me.
My graduation, my mother is in the hospital.
My sissy left me at the school gym after getting up the stage.
I have no one. The last person that I expect to lend his hands to me  left.
But you were there. You sacrifice that one night of having good time with your old school friends.
You accompany me. You didn't leave me alone.
You watched me as I sleep. Thank you for taking care of me.

Do you remember this?
During our close friends swimming.

Another photo from the swimming.

Photo credits to Haizel Capiral. :)

Photograph credit to Pat Balbastro.
Many friends find this photo cute, and so as I. :)
They liked it in my FB account.

Ooh, I bet you need sleep dear. :)

On our way to Mariveles, Bataan for a two-day performance.

Just the caption. :">

Photo of us over the bridge of the pool during our band's late night swimming.

At the university. :)
You look darker here. Haha!
Because of the flash, our photograher Norman covered the flash with his finger eh. :P

If you think that I am making this to torture myself and make things more difficult for me,  then so be it.
But for me, I am doing this because I am reminiscing those moments..
Memories will never die. Memories will never leave.

I love seeing you smiling. So smile! :)


  1. this is not actually torture..this is the 2nd to the last stage of coping with loss..and sooner you'll make it to Acceptance..and more exciting'll be open again to let somebody in (in God's time)

  2. Thank you Clai for that very inspiring msg from you.. C: