Monday, February 20, 2012


Maybe now I know. Maybe now I know what true love is.
Love is not selfish. And sometimes, love means letting go.
My love for you is not selfish so I let you go.
I let you go not because I don't love you anymore, not because I am inlove with another man.
I let you go because I truly love you.

I let you go because that is what you need, what you want, indeed.
I love you and so I don't want to see you unhappy.
I don't want to force you in a relationship when you're not happy anymore.
So I set you free.

I am heavy heart right now.
I make myself busy with so many non-sense things just to not think of what's happening in my real world.
But when I ran out of things to do.. I still think of you.. of us..
The relationship we shared for the past months..
And when I do, I find myself inside my room covered by my blanket and hugging tight the stitch you gave me while crying.
For the past nights, I cry myself to get tired and then fall asleep.
And I don't know until when I will do that.
When I take a bath, I cry.
When I rode the bus on my way to school and home, I cry.
As you know man, I am admiring you for more than six years.
This won't be easy for me baby.

I feel vulnerable, fragile, pathetic.
I don't know what to do with myself.
I don't know what I've done for things turn into this.
I don't know what I didn't do for us. I don't know what I've miss.
Sometimes I wish that this is all just a bad dream, and I now want to wake up.
Sometimes I want to sleep 24/7.
And thinking of running away.. far away.

I am wishing that one day there can be a miracle.

My love for you will last.
My love for you will not fade even if you don't love me the way you love me before.
I will still love you.

I love you, dear..


  1. Wonderful sharing, I love it, even though it saddened me because or maybe "we're at the same boat".. But, I'm happy reading it because I feel it was written from one purest heart.:)

    I would like to thank Miss Lego because from her blog I found yours.. :) I'm happy to be one of your new follower..:) Keep sharing more..:)

  2. oh, same Philippines?? Muaaahhhhh!!! Thanks for sharing...Iba talaga pag pinoy..:) Thanks a lot..:)Smile..:)

  3. Thanks! And thank you for appreciating my pure heart.. How I wish that the man who I am referring to would realize that also.. :))

    Salamat kababayan! :))

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