Wednesday, January 25, 2012

So Much Love yet So Much Pain

Love is not a noun to be defined but a verb to be acted.
Many people said that they love someone special. But what kind of love?
Is this the love that lasts a lifetime? Or the love for lust?

In my own perspective about love, love is finding that very special person that can accept me for who I am and WHO I AM NOT, so as I would accept him. Love is a place where you can give ALMOST everything. Take note of the "almost". Of course, don't forget to love yourself too. It isn't bad at all. :)

The love of a man for a woman.
This is the love that every single woman is aiming for her life. To find a man that will make her life simply complete! Now, even at this age of 17, sometimes I've been thinking of a married life. If I'm to choose someone to settle with, it would be my man now. Living a simple life with 3 kids and AH! LIFE IS AWESOME! :)) But, I'm not thinking of getting married at this age! Haha! I love this man so much! And so I can see and feel the sincerity and purity of his love for me. Maybe that's the reason behind of my daydreamings of him! Haha! :))

Love is Pain! It's 100% true!
You cannot love without taking the risk of being hurt. But hey! Life is about taking risk!
You can only sat that you really love a person when you are ready and willing to give a part of you. No matter what. Okay?
If you've been hurt, don't give up easily. Take every single fights as challenge for your relationship!
If you've hurt the one that you love.. and you know it's your fault. Damn! Say sorry! Is your pride more important that the one you love? Make sense, baby.

Love never fails.
Love never fails to wait. Even a lifetime.
Love never fails to understand. No matter how hard the situation is.
Love never fails to give. Even if nothing's left for him.
Love never fails to believe. No matter how big the issue is.
Love never fails to trust. No matter what all the people around him says bad things about you.
TRUE Love never let go. Be brave enough to fight for the one you love!
Especially to the guys out there! Be brave enough! You're a man now!
You just don't know how you will make your girl love you more with your caring and sweetness!
Don't get annoyed if you're girl goes ridiculous, well, we're just afraid to lose the one we love.

In love there is always pain, but never stop loving.
Spread Love.. :))


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  2. Love is the most beautiful feeling in this planet, and it comes in different forms. I have to agree that there's always pain involve when we love, but like all other else, love is also not perfect.

    hey, thanks for following my blog. :) xo Cherry

  3. So true Cherry! Love isn't perfect but what makes love perfect is just simply being HAPPILY-CONTENTED. :))) Do you agree? :))


  4. Amazing, true and so so so very much real! this is a great post.

  5. love is earned from hardwork and a lot of sacrifices...
    that's my own view of love..^_^

    nikka thanks for visiting my blog
    Im a regular reader of your posts starting today! ^_^

  6. Blogwalking for the good day..

  7. Thank you so much Klai! It's my pleasure to read your posts.. 'coz they are so nice.. ^^ :)))

  8. "This is the love that every single woman is aiming for her life." I love this quote because it's so true. That is the only type of love worth having. Anything else, is just accepting 2nd best. I wrote a blog post called "The Contemporary Dating Game". Have a read at, sometime. It says the same thing, in a different way..