Monday, January 09, 2012

My Music Life

French Horn, My Fashion for Music

I'm a French Horn Hero! ;))
 French Horn keychain! I wanna have one!
A French Horn-player-to-display! Luckily, I have one.
Sir Buboy's Christmas gift for me last 2010.
A Yamaha YHR-6681 Pro Double French Horn.
I want to have this one, badly!
It costs $3,676. Sponsor, anyone? :D
This is what I have! A Conn 6D #L25386 Elkhart.
It's not the actual one that I have, but I know, this is the same model as of what I am using now.

Playing the instrument is not just blowing it.
Play the instrument with all your heart and you'll create music.
Music from the heart really carries the player's emotion to his listeners.

Playing the instrument helps me a lot.
I'm a University scholar, a Band scholar to be exact!

But if I didn't have to make money, I would still play my horn.

Music is the universal language of the world!! -- Love Nikz :))


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