Monday, January 16, 2012

Happy Birthday, Dre!

First of all, I wanna great this gorgeous looking bold guy a Happy Birthday!
Happy Happy Birthday Norman Jester! :))

Since I can't afford to buy you a luxurious gift, I just made this for ya! :D

Who thought that we're gonna be close like this? You're a brother to me now!
Just like what you sometimes says, "Sh*t happens!" and maybe meeting and being close to you is one of those awesome sh*ts that came into my life! Haha!
Oh Goood! Thanks for letting me to have such a bold and nice person in my life! :D

If I have a wish for ya, that would be...
Ann & Norman :))
Haha! That's it! Okay. Okay! :P
I'm wishin' for your happiness! Oh ya, HA-PPI-NESS! xD
And btw, you too both look cute here. :))

Nothing much more to say.. haha! :)))
Happy Happy Birthday again! :))

Lotsa love!
Sistar ♥ :))


  1. 3 votes for this post? Thanks guys! :)))

  2. Belated Happy B'day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. nice sweet :)
    belated happy b'day :)