Sunday, January 01, 2012


A year just passed and we're starting a brand new one.
I wanna thank those people who shared their year with me. To the Lord Almighty, who lend me this life, thank YOU very much! And for those people who made me cry, thank you too for making me a better person!


 It's like a whirlwind entered my life this 2k11. First, the separation of the band. Second, losing connection from him. Third, I entered college. Fourth, I have him now, which I didn't expect, I really did not. And all these big things that happened, seemed so right for me. It's for my good, and for the good of those other people who are also affected.

 In regards with the separation of the band. It's quiet a long story. My parents together with the parents of my other bandmates who also decided to leave our old band, aggressively and eagerly formed a new band, there rising the Kapisanang Banda ng Pulong Buhangin 2011. This is better now, at least for me. 

 Losing connection from him started from the separation of the band. He's my bandmate. It's really a good thing for me. I should stay away from him. Because I know, we can never be, we both know that. No matter what we try to do, it will always be that way. We can never change the fact that we're related, by blood. What I am regretful about is I leaved him without saying anything. Even a single word. I am sorry for that, I really am. It's better if we'll think of the bright side of what had happened. It's for our own good too, so let's be happy! I wanna cross path with you again when the right time comes. Smile! (:

 Entering college is something I couldn't stop except I choose to stop studying, which is I wouldn't do! HAHA!  I'm in college now, taking up BS Accountancy at the University of the East - Manila campus. Many says that UEast is one of those colleges that is good in making Certified Public Accountants. I agree with that because they are now giving us hard times. I will do my best to fulfill my parents dream for me - yes, their dream. And I think also, my dream now. I'm startin' to love it even if it's quiet hard. I promise to get a high grade in my major subject this semester, and this is the only promise that is meant NOT to be broken. You'll see! Haha! Goodluck to all of us studs out there! 

 And the last of the BIG things is, having HIM in my life now, as a special someone. HAHA! Let's say that the year that has passed is lucky for me. Would you believe that since 2007, I am already admiring this man. That time, he love me, love me as a li'l sister. And that really made me feel bad. Haha. You know, I'm very immature that time. I see myself as a mature one now. So far from the past 7 months of being together, we're doing good. Though there are misunderstandings, we handle it pretty good. I can say that the "big issue" is the only one that made us look stupid. Hehe. But after that "big issue", we're stronger than before. That made me think that life isn't too bad as I thought. We're both looking forward for a great year ahead! Lotsa love for YOU! <3

And to YOU!

 I don't know what to say to you. I don't know what to feel towards you. Because of a misunderstanding, you pre-judged me. You shoot me with your words! I don't know why I feel sorry. I don't know if I'm sorry for myself or for you. A part of me can hardly move on from that incident. Maybe because I didn't used to have a war with someone before. Know what? I find you a weirdo. Many people told me many things, and hend me with their evidence. I can't understand you, but.. I want a new start, for us. I want us to be friends. But if you don't believe me, there's nothing I can do. And hey! Girl, that I used to call "ate" before, I want you to know that I never faked my words for ya. Even those smiles, they are all real. I want peace with you, hope you can give it. Let's start a new, can't we? Wishin' you the best! Ciao!

 Starting the year right.
Forget like you have amnesia.
Believe like a kid.
Love like crazy.
Laugh 'till you die and never regret anything that made you happy! :))

Love. Love.

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