Friday, January 06, 2012


The epic feeling! Ooh! I really can't stand not to think of it. The thought of being dropped from Accountancy program! Accountancy, oh dear Accountancy!

It's ain't final yet, but.. the thought just can't get out of my mind! Being dropped from your program ain't because of your major subject! Duuh! It surely suck, isn't it? I'm doing really good with my major. As a matter of fact, my grade in my major is better than before! Asking for the reason? Because of this damn logic subject! Plus the professor that really kills his studs! A minor subject that acts more than a major one. Oooh life!

I'm really pissed. I feel sick. I feel pathetic. :(
I will be doing my best to save this, oh for God's sake! My dear Accountancy course! My dream of being a CPA someday! Gooood!


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