Monday, January 02, 2012

2k12 with a smile!

 New Year's Eve!
Trppin' over!

 Rheyvean, my nephew.
 Rheyvean and his brother, Rey John.
Happy New Year Everyone!

A fruitful and happy New Year for all of us!
New Year, New Life, eh? Haha!
Let's start this year right. Forget the past and look forward to the future.
New Year's resolution? I actually don't have but I think, I'll do my best to forget those bastards who hurt me and made me cry but I also want to thank them. Confusing isn't it? Sometimes, I can't understand myself either. Haha! They made me stronger, a better person and that's the reason why I wanna thank them.
I just wish that they would change, stop ruining other people's life. 

I'll move on from the past, as much as I can. Hehe. 
Let's fill this year with lots of love and grin smiles! There are lots of reasons to smile, think of it.
Feeling miserable? Just look above, you're not alone!

Thanks 2k11 and Hello 2k12! :)))


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